V.A.A. Stationaries & General Store

V.A.A. Stationary have presented ourselves as pioneers for miniature gift articles and it is an honor that our products are recognized by our valued customers worldwide.

We have expert designers who strive to create the most appealing designs.

At V.A.A. Stationary, our exhaustive range contains elegant Miniature Clock, Table-top Sets, Multi-utility Desk-sets, Trophies, Mobile Holders etc.

We believe much more in quality & timing, we never compromise in the quality of our products & delivery time

Contact Address:
V.A.A. Stationary & General Store
No.1, Sannathi Street,
Vandavasi - 604 408.
T.V. Malai Dist., Tamil Nadu.
Phone: 04183-291979
Mobile: 98423 26347, 98428 26347